bound gods

Over the weekend, she has some strange urges and, when she gets back from the night-club on Saturday night, decides to experiment. She spanks herself with a hairbrush then masturbates to an unusually big orgasm. But on Monday, she turns out to be a rather idle secretary, and is very rude to an important client. You can imagine what follows.

Myas Punishment
Mya has been out partying and drinking all night. Her boyfriend Bane has been up all night waiting for her to get home. When she finally arrives Bane is sitting in the kitchen and asks her where the hell she has been all this time. He can clearly see she is drunk as a skunk so he decides to give a right good spanking. He starts with a firm hand spanking then quickly moves on to some more implements. He uses straps, paddles, rulers, a tawse, and much more. Each one worse than the last.

oui madame spanking and exterme discipline
French business woman, Mallory, calls a male escort for an evening of sadistic fun. Bart shows up thinking he has hit the jackpot. However, Mallory does not want sex; she wants to beat the hell out of a male! Mallory shows her two sides: one minute being sensual and sexy, the next being nasty and vicious. Bart is punished by OTK spanking, hard paddling, hairbrush, and willow switches. Mallory also washes his mouth out with soap.

bubblebutt spank
he dominant female in this situation spanks her lover, leaving angry red flesh on her tender ass. She uses her hand to spank her lover's bare bottom, as well as a variety of spanking implements. But between blows, the pleasure is given in the form of finger fucking and fondling. This is a perfect example of how pain and pleasure can be mixed to create an erotic, intense connection between two lovers.

cold hearted sadie
In the first scene Mistress Mallory puts Bart over her knee for a spanking, followed by a hairbrush beating and some severe whipping, paddling and caning. The second scene has Bart suspended upside down for a sadistic whipping by Mistress Aiden Starr. Bart is whipped with singletails, floggers, and even an extension cable. After letting Bart down, Aiden continues with over the knee hairbrush spanking and a severe paddling and caning. Great CP action from beginning to end.

lesbian lovers
These two lesbians will find any excuse to spank each other, and today is no exception. When Heaven comes home to find that her girlfriend has been wearing her clothes, it's spanking time for her lover. Red cheeks and over-the-knee spanking action for your fetish needs. These hot naughty Lesbian Spankers enjoy getting spanked.

mallorys many instruments
Mistress Mallory beats slave Steve with a plethora of toys in this video. She thrashed him with wooden paddles, floggers, a quirt, a hairbrush, a birch rod, a razor strap, a leather paddle, and anything else she can get her hands on. Mallory looks radiant in her vinyl skirt and top. Mistress Mallory loves corporal punishment and she shows why she is one of the best in this sexy sadistic performance.

slave competition
Redhead Amazon Julie Simone puts on a contest to see which slave can take the most punishment. Action includes ballbusting, bondage, mummification, humiliation, wax play, floggings, anal stretching, burning, the inside of the rectum with lit cigarettes, OTK spanking, clothespins, and more!

submissive julia
Julia is in for the time of her life, because her perfectly round little ass is at extreme risk. There's nothing left for her but a heated thirty minutes of pain - excruciating pain. She gets her bottom bruised and paddled until it's a hot red, like super-heated steel, but not as hard. In fact, her ass is tenderized by her cruel dominatrix, who only wants to see her rear jiggle, shake, and buckle under the pressure of each of her blows

latino pnyboy domination
A beautiful, sexy Latina Domina Honney Bunny is riding a white slave around like a PONYBOY until she is totally sexually satisfied! Honney Bunny begins by riding her ponyboy around on his back with her legs and feet hanging over her shoulder, then makes him bounce for her up and down, bringing her close to an orgasm. But she stops before cumming to ride him longer and harder! Watch her play with her pussy and tits while she is riding him around! This Latina Domina truly LOVES dominating her male ponyboys!

When exam time is getting close and a couple of students bring home bad report cards their parents are very concerned so they call on the services of a private tutor who is known to be a very strict headmistress of a local girls school and tells her she has a free hand in getting the girls into shape. The tutor feels that lack of concentration is the main problem. A half hour session for each girl should do the trick. A firm over the knee spanking with their panties down followed with a hairbrush and then some nice strokes of the swishy cane!

yyoung blonde bondage and submission
This movie is about the submission of a young blonde, Amber. We see Amber, wearing black boots, a short black skirt and a blouse sitting in a chair in the Royal Castle Dungeon in Philadelphia. Her breasts swell beneath her blouse. She tells Master Savage that her boyfriend has tied her up and spanked her and she loves it. Master Rick says, "Then we'll just have to make you happy today." Rick explains that nothing short of total obedience is essential if she wants to work in one of his bondage videos. Amber agrees to all of Rick's terms.