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Lesbian Stories

lesbians pleasuring each other

Here we have excerpts from Lesbian sessions as well as a chance to go to Lesbian Videos.

I will be pleased to add further information and pictures if anybody would like to contact me.

Lesbians 1

When I got there I knocked on the door and waited for her to let me inside, but instead i got a text message that read, "Door's open, come in, I'm in my room!". I went into her room and sat on the edge of her bed, like I always did went I was over there, and she told me I was weird, Like always! So I took off my shoes and layed down next to her, on top of the covers. We talked a while and watched television until she turned to go to sleep. After a few minutes of protest, I kissed her on the forehead and whispered to her that I was going to go. She turned toward me, grabbed the inside of my thigh, and told me not to go.
I got comfortable in the bed again while she continued to caress my thigh. I moved her hand, because she knows thats one of my weaknesses, then she gave my hair a slight tug and turned on her side to face me. I told her not to pull my hair like that because that is another of my weaknesses, I get instantly wet and she knows it. She laughed and did it again, harder, then she turned onto her back and pulled my hand over her chest. I tried to resist and laugh her off, but when I'm hot I can not stop myself. I slipped my hand under her shirt and her bra and moved it up, exposing her large breasts. I straddled her body and looked at her bare breasts, licked my lips and began to kiss, lick and fondle her nipples. My friend arched her back and I knew she wanted more and I was not going to deny her the pleasure I so wanted to give. I put my hand between her legs and looked into her eyes. I knew she wanted me to penetrate her when she smiled. At her silent request I bit my lip I thrust my fingers deep inside her pussy and watched her squirm and moan with pleasure. (I knew that was how she liked it because we've had the "perfect sex" conversation so many times before that it was burned into my memory!)
lesbians at playOnce my thrusts picked up speed and she was on the verge of a scream I began to kiss her lips, her cheek, her neck, her breasts, down to her stomach, and still lower until my lips barely brushed her clit. She moaned in anticipated pleasure and when I didn't continue she let out a sharp sigh and pushed my head between her thighs. I started slow. Taking my time to taste and savor her pussy. My togue began to thrash her clit faster as her moans approached a screams. At that moment I inserted my fingers once more while still sucking her erect mound. I got more aggressive as her moans of pleasure intensified, shoving my fingers as deep into her pussy as they would go until she screamed, "Baby, I'm about to cum!".
I continued to pump my fingers harder until I felt her body quiver. Then, between heavy breaths, she said, nearly in a whisper, "I'm cumming!". I placed my head between her legs again and licked and sucked her pussy, allowing her juices to soak my face. I flicked my tongue over her quivering member which made her climax more intense. When she could not take anymore, she pulled me up face to face with her, kissed me, and licked her wetness from my chin. I moved off of her and took my shirt and bra off because I had gotten so hot. I layed down on my back beside my most recent lover. She placed her head on my bare chest, naked, and still quivering from her orgasm.

Lesbian Sex 1

She put her arms around Shelli, holding her close, the softness of her bosom enveloping her. She pressed her lips against Shelli's neck gently nipping and kissing her skin. "you're sure..."
Camille caressed her pert small breasts through her top, raising a pointed nipple pressing against the fabric.
Shelli sighed and allowed her head to fall towards Camille and their bodies began to intertwine.
Their clothing was pushed aside to reveal a contrast of bodies.
Camille was womanly, soft and curvy. Her breasts were full and soft, with big pink nipples. She had no tan lines. She kept her pubic area shaved except for a small strip of fiery red fluff.

Shelli was slight , lean and whip cord strong. Her body was sculpted and tan. Her muscles were well defined, yet not vulgar. Her breasts were small round and firm. Her nipples were small tight points, that protruded when aroused. And they were aroused. She kept her pubic area clean of all hair. She was smooth and tan, not a white line to be seen.

two women masturbating Camille laid back and let Shelli explore her. She could feel Shelli's hands touching probing and seeking across her body.
"mmmm.... " as Shelli suckled a breast in her mouth.
"They're soooo big!" Shelli giggled, " They're so soft and so sexy"
Camille spread her legs invitingly and purred, "You wanted this bit a while ago..."
Shelli dipped her fingers down, below her waist and touched Camille's sex, finding it wet and hot with desire. She raised her fingers to her lips and tasted.
"you taste different, not like me at all."
"of course...", Camille reached down and traced her fingers around Shelli's sex before touching her directly, Shelli gasped as Camille explored her sex.
Camille's fingers found her lips and she could smell Shelli's musk. She tasted and smiled.
"I'm gonna like you."
They continued to explore each other, touching, probing, seeking and finding point of pleasure. Soon Shelli found Camille's lips on her sex, and Shelli put her on Camille's. Shelli's tan body contrasted with Camille's creamy white skin Shelli on top and CAmille beneath. Soon Shelli shuddered and moaned through her first orgasm. She struggled to stay focused, finally giving in and riding out the waves of pleasure Camille imparted. Shelli rested her head on Camille's inner thigh, gasping for breath.
Shelli could feel her sex pulsing with pleasure, throbbing with orgasmic pleasure. She slowly began to position herself between Camille's legs, and began to eat her as only one woman can eat another.
But with great passion...
Shelli could feel Camille building up to a deep, full body release. She felt Camille grasp her hair, her legs clamped tightly.
She screamed once, then wept, with the joy of her pleasure. Both of their bodies were covered in sweat.
They held each other for a while, touching caressing and just exploring each other.
"Can I ask you something?", Camille finally said.
It's about you husband"
"ummm, ok"
"his cock is so big, I felt it..." "And he knows nothing about using it, I deny him because he thinks that he should just pound me... At one time he was a... more of a gentle lover."
"Do you want that back?"
"more than anything"
In the end they would become lovers. Meeting quietly, satisfying each other. Finding ways to pleasure one another ways that men could never know or understand.
And they agreed that they would conspire for Camille to seduce him, and to teach him to be a gentle lover.

The Chateau

The Chateau really was fabulous - this was old France. I even stopped thinking about its nasty owner who had disappeared giving orders to the maid to make us comfortable - my French is bad but I could understand most of what was being said. The maid was in her late forties and dressed in a traditional maid's uniform - black dress, cut a little short, with white lace apron and bonnet, and black seamed stockings - she looked quite sweet as she smiled and ushered us in.
Old portraits and tapestries adorned the walls of a long impressive hallway and we gazed about, taking in the rich opulence like the tourists we were.
'My name is Claudette. I will bring you drinks in the ... ' she thought for a moment to find the right word, ' ... in the summer room.' She smiled. 'Iz nice room, you come with me.'
We followed her through a succession of rooms and corridors, finally ending up in a beautiful sitting room decorated in pale, pastel greens. The sun was streaming in through lace curtains that billowed gently with the summer breeze - it really was a nice room. It smelt old and musty from the leather furniture and polished wood that filled the room but it was clean and welcoming and spoke of times long past.
Claudette disappeared and returned a few moments later holding a tinkling tray of glasses and an icy jug and she poured two glasses that we gratefully accepted. The lemonade was ice cold, sweet and delicious - we drank several glasses.
I remembered drinking the lemonade ... but then the room became hazy and I remember sitting down on a leather couch.
The next thing I knew, was looking at Madam Renard now wearing a dress. She was smiling at me, sitting on a chair opposite. I tried to focus my eyes and felt strange.
'Well, my naughty girls. The way I see our little situation is that I found two pretty, lesbian girls camping on my land. You were touching, kissing and playing with each other in your little tent, away from prying eyes, yes?'
I tried to say no, to shake my head, but I couldn't move. Clare and I were friends, not lovers ... and why couldn't I move?
'Oh, yes.' She smiled and crossed her legs, smoothing her dress with a satisfied air. 'There was a little something in your drinks that will make you easier for me to play with ... and to punish you. You will find that you can only move or say something when I give you a direct order, or at least that is what Claudette has assured me.' She glanced to the maid who smiled and nodded happily. 'We will see.'
I felt a tremor of fear run through me.
'It all sounds rather delicious really,' she went on. 'Shall we see how much control we have? You.' She pointed at me. 'I think you should put your hand on your friend's leg ... do it.'
Without meaning to, my head glanced down beside me to look at Clare's legs. I saw her short yellow skirt lying just above her pretty, pink knees, and watched in horror as my hand moved across to rest on her right leg, my fingers slipped gently between warm thighs. It felt strange to be touching her like this and I wanted to pull my hand away, but couldn't.
'...and move your hand up, push her skirt a little higher ... good.' Beside me, Clare wasn't moving and I couldn't see her face. Whether I liked it or not my attention was on her legs.
'Open your legs a little for your friend.' This was to Clare and I watched as her legs spread obediently to the command.
'Pull your skirt higher ... that's right, good girl.'
I saw Clare's hands grip the hem of her skirt and lift it high. I then gazed in horror as my hand slid up Clare's inner thigh until my fingers were brushing her white knickers. I felt hot and terribly uncomfortable to be touching her like this, and I dreaded the next instruction from our tormentor.
'You, girl. What is your name?'
'Clare,' came the whispered response.
'You may address me as Madam ... and what is your friend's name?'
'Josie, Madam.'
'....and have you ever seen Josie's breasts, Clare?'
women playing with each otherThere was a pause. 'Yes, Madam,' mumbled Clare's voice.
'Of course you have. Have you ever touched them?'
'No, Madam.'
'Well I don't think we can believe that. Josie, expose your breasts for Clare. Let us see if she remembers touching them.'
'Yes, Madam,' I heard myself answer, and then felt myself scoot to the front of the cushion and turn towards Clare. I couldn't stop myself. We looked calmly at each other as my fingers began undoing the tiny buttons of my blouse. Despite my fear, my hands weren't trembling and, all too soon, I was pulling the blouse open and pushing it to the sides. My fingers continued to the front-opening clasp of my bra and it quickly sprang undone. I pushed the cotton bra-cups out of the way and pushed my naked chest towards Clare.
There was silence as all eyes gazed at my breasts, the rapidly hardening nipples, and the blush forming on both my chest and face.
'You have beautiful breasts, Josie. Doesn't she Clare?'
'Yes, Madam.' Clare was staring, round eyed at my chest. My breasts are 36D cup, much larger than Clare's sweet little buds. I heard Madam Renard walk over behind me and then she was reaching down, cupping my breasts in her hands, taking the weight of them and offering the nipples forward. I watched Clare's face as she was forced to watch me being molested.
'I'm sure you would like to suck one of those big nipples into your mouth, wouldn't you Clare?'
'...yes, Madam,' whispered Clare. She slowly moved towards my left nipple until she was close enough that I could feel warm breath caress the puckered skin.
'Lick her nipple, Clare.'
I watched as my friend licked my nipple ... it tickled.
'Suck it into your mouth, Clare.' With her eyes locked on mine, Clare opened her mouth and slowly took my nipple into her mouth. It was warm and wet and I could feel her softly sucking. I wanted to groan. As Clare sucked one nipple, Madam Renard rolled and pulled at the other and I could feel my pussy getting wet - I felt so ashamed.
'Both of you stand up, and then turn to face each other.'
I felt myself stand and then turn towards Clare. She was still staring at my chest and I felt another blush colour my face as my breasts bounced slightly with the movement.
There was a chatter of conversation from the two French women but I didn't catch any of it as I gazed into Clare's eyes and wondered fearfully what would happen to us.
'Turn back to face me.'
'Yes, Madam,' we chorused, and without doing anything, my body turned and I was standing, hands at my sides, looking down at Madam Renard now once again seated in front of us. The only part of me that I had any control over were my eyes and I looked on as Madam Renard smiled up at us in delight. 'This is wonderful.' She clapped her hands in delight. 'Two delicious English girls to do whatever I wish with.' She stood up and walked over to me. 'Kiss me passionately, English slut.' I watched as her face came slowly towards me, felt my mouth open to receive her probing tongue, and then her lips, soft and sticky with red lipstick, were on mine - I felt myself respond hungrily. Her hands began squeezing my breasts, roughly mauling them before tugging painfully on each nipple. Finally, the kiss was broken and she stepped back and turned her attention to Clare. I couldn't see them but could hear the kiss and could see Claudette, the maid watching happily as her Mistress abused my friend.
Madam Renard stepped back into view wiping the corner of her mouth with a satisfied air. She sat down in an armchair and crossed her legs.
'I think we must find you each a uniform like Claudette's, no? But for now, let us see what we have with you two. Lift your skirts for me, hold them up high.'
My body responded, doing as it was told.
'... and legs apart a little more ... good.' I felt my hands go down to the hem of my skirt, grasp it, and lift until my nipples were brushing the backs of my hands. It felt degrading and humiliating. I looked on, wishing I could cry as the two older women stared at us. I could feel my nipples hardening and goose-bumps rise all over my body.
Claudette said something to Madam Renard and received a nod of approval in response. With a smile, she ran happily forward, firstly to Clare, then a moment later to me. Cold hands fumbled for the edge of my knickers and worked them down to around my knees. As she rose in front of me, her hand cupped my pussy. I had shaved all my pussy hair before leaving for the holiday, even the tiny strip that I usually left. The older woman's hand briefly made intimate contact and inside I screamed, turned and ran. Unfortunately, however, my body wouldn't allow it and I remained where I was, staring into her smiling face; my knickers around my knees, holding up my skirt as her finger started to-
'Claudette, ne soyez pas, villain! Don't be bad, come here this instant.'
'Oui, Madam.' Claudette returned sheepishly to her employer's side.
'Sit back on the couch girls and display your vagin for me ... how do you say? your vaginas please.'
I could feel Clare beside me as we sat back on the couch and brought our knees up, our knickers sliding down to our ankles as we opened our legs and displayed our naked, exposed vaginas together. Madam Renard stood up and came closer to inspect us.
'So pretty, such pretty flowers you have, girls. Touch each other, open each other for me.'
We moved closer together, our legs touching and crossing as we sought each other's naked vaginas. My hand moved over soft warm skin searching for Clare's pussy as her hand move across my leg, cool as it sought the base of my thigh. Her fingers were soon dancing softly across my pussy lips as she parted the folds of my vagina while I parted hers, feeling the moist warmth of her open flesh. A moan of desire filled me and was glad it never made it to my still lips. There we remained as Madam Renard and Claudette studied us. Reaching down, Madam Renard slowly dipped the middle finger of each hand into each of us. I felt it sink into me, my vagina welcome it, tightening, seeking to hold her fast. I was amazed to realise my sex was so very wet, how easily her finger had slid into me. She withdrew her fingers and sucked the glistening honey from each in turn.
'Mmm, delicious. To the window please, girls,' said Madam Renard, cheerfully. We both sat up and with knickers still caught around our ankles, made our way to the window where sunlight still shone through thin cotton curtains.
'Place your hands on the sill and push out your bottoms.' There was a smattering of French as our bodies complied with the request and I felt my skirt flipped up over my back as I pushed out my bottom. My body dutifully bent forward, and with straight legs and bare bottom I gazed out of the window at the courtyard with Madam Renard's little car in the same spot where we had parked just a short time ago. She came up between us and her hand began caressing the cheeks of my bottom, squeezing and patting, holding my cheeks apart to expose my anus and vagina. I knew she must have been doing the same to Clare.
'You are such naughty girls, you English.' She slapped my bottom hard. 'Such very naughty girls.'
Slap! Her hand came down again even harder. 'But here in France you must not just camp where you wish, Slap! My bottom tingled from the impact but my body wasn't moving.
'You must be punished.' Slap, slap, slap! It was hard, and it hurt, and I felt a tear come to my eye.
'You ... come here!' She must have been talking to Clare, as my body remained prone to her hand.
Slap Slap Slap!
'Lick her here.' I felt movement between my legs and then someone, Clare, began licking my bottom. At first, her wet tongue licked over each cheek, cooling the fire from the spanking, but then she was directed between the soft cheeks and her tongue was lapping at my anus. I blushed as I realised what my friend was being made to do and that I was actually enjoying the experience. I wanted to die but the tongue continued, pushing its way in past my tight sphincter. Her hands spread the cheeks of my bottom further, allowing more access to me, but then she was pulled away.
'You ... Josie, do the same to Clare.' I rose, and turned in time to see Clare stand up and bend over with her hands on the windowsill. Almost in a daze, I went down on my knees behind her, spread the cheeks of her pert little bottom and gazed at her puckered brown hole as my face came closer. It was musky. A feeling of revulsion was ignored by my captive body, my tongue came out, and I began lapping hungrily at her asshole.
'Her vagina as well, mon cherie. Yes, like that.' I licked from Clare's ass, down past her gaping wet vagina to her clitoris and the carefully trimmed, soft hair of her pussy before moving up again. The muskiness of her ass soon mixing with the sweeter taste of her vagina and I realised I was loving doing this to Clare, I couldn't get enough of her. My hands spread her bottom further but then a flush of despair filled me as I was pulled up painfully by the hair before I could do more.
'Back beside your friend, Josie.'
Slap, Slap Slap! For a few moments, our bottoms were spanked hard, the heat inflaming the cheeks of my bottom but also lighting a fire deep in my sex. I knew my vagina was now very wet and I was incredibly aroused and actually I wanted more - it was so confusing, and then Madam Renard stopped and was standing between us again, staring out of the window. It was as if all three of us were intent upon something in the chateau grounds, but in fact, Madam Renard was manoeuvring her thumb deep into my anus and three fingers into my sopping wet vagina. She began fucking both my holes and I knew she was doing the same to Clare. The fucking continued for some time before I realised Madam Renard was breathing heavily. In the reflection of the window, I caught sight of Claudette behind Madam Renard. She had raised her mistress dress and was licking and fucking her with a large glass dildo - a few moments later Madam Renard had a loud, powerful orgasm, removed her hands from Clare and I without saying a word, and then left the room. Silence enveloped us and it seemed like an eternity passed. Eventually, Clare spoke. 'Josie? Josie I can move again.'
I tested my own abilities but still couldn't move or even speak.
Clare slowly stood up next to me. 'Josie? Can you still not move? Oh you poor thing.' I felt her hand smooth down my skirt, covering my bottom and I felt incredibly grateful to her. 'That was...amazing.' I felt confused. How could she think that ordeal was amazing? My confusion turned to shock as her hand cupped my left breast and squeezed. She rolled my nipple between her fingers and it hardened as my embarrassment took over again.
I was starting to get control now as the drug lost its grip on me. I slowly turned my head towards Clare and her face filled my view as she kissed me softly on the lips, her tongue forcing me to open my mouth.
She whispered. 'Stay as you are...please...just for a moment.'
I did as she asked and felt her cup my bottom, her finger slipped into my wet vagina and I finally heard a moan escape my lips as a second finger joined the first and began exploring the wet folds of my sex. 'We should get out of here ... leave.' Despite my words, I remained bent over, pushing my bottom out for her attention.
'But I want to stay.'
'What?' I stood up and slowly turned around. 'You want to stay here?'
'We can run any time. I want to be made to play more with you, Josie.'
'We can play on our own, Clare ... we don't need her to make us ... let's just get out of here.'
'Please, Josie...'
The door opened and Madam Renard walked back in. She stopped when she saw we had regained control of our bodies, and for a few moments, nothing was said. Claudette came back in carrying two uniforms on hangers.
The maid smiled at us. 'Show madam that you are good obedient maids. Lift your skirts for her ... do it now.' She clapped her hands. Clare and I turned towards each other and I watched as a small smile played across Clare's features.
'Please,' she whispered. We turned back to Madam Renard and slowly lifted our skirts in submission. We stayed the summer with Madam Renard. I liked wearing the Maid's uniforms we were given, and we were forced to do even more awful things for Madam Renard ... should I tell you more? Please contact me for my full story list, love JosieXX

Lesbian Sex

Michelle got up and scooted the chair aside as she grabbed my face and kissed me long and hard.
"This is what you want, isn't it? I saw you watching me take a shower at the club, did you like it when I lathered up with the soap or when I adjusted my stockings?" she said running her tongue along my lips and putting her hand on my breast and massaging it.
I liked what she was doing and I nodded my head and said, "Yes I did. I liked what I saw very much and I wanted to eat you bad," I said.
I slipped my tongue into her mouth and she tongued me and sucked on my bottom lip. My heart was racing and we ripped each others' blouses off. I wanted to take her bra off; sucking on her perky breasts and nipples was on the top of my list. Her breasts tasted juicy and her soft skin was such a turn on even more. My pussy was wet; I could feel the juices run down my leg into my thigh high stockings. She put her head back and moaned for me to do more. I ran my hands up her skirt and felt her thong which heightened the fire inside of me. She was like a cool drink of water and I needed to satisfy my thirst. Her ass was smooth and taut and I pulled her thong down over her black stiletto heels and ran my hand over her shaven pussy and my middle finger explored her lips as I separated them. I slipped my finger into her pussy and massaged her clit with her juices as she spread her legs to give me more access. She pulled her skirt down to reveal a sight that made my mouth water: her shaven pussy along with a butterfly tattoo near her belly button.
It was a turn on to see how sexy she really was. She sat back on the desk and opened her legs wide for me to get started. I took off my skirt and pulled off my pantyhose. She licked her lips as she eyes my crotch-less panties.
"Crotch-less, eh? Perfect. Well what are you waiting for?" she said taking off her heels to show me her manicured toes with fire engine red nail polish.
I grabbed her foot and peeled off her black panty hose wanting to suck on each delicate toe. She moaned for me to use her tongue and I was happy to oblige. I sucked on each one gently and ran my tongue up and down her smooth and tanned leg. They were so soft. I threw everything off the desk as she lay back completely naked.
"Put your heels on, it turns me on and I'll show you how much," I told her as my hands were rubbing her breasts and teasing her nipples.
She did as she was told and I put two chairs so she could rest her legs as I got to work. I kneeled on another chair and opened her lips. I breathed in her scent. It was sweet. I licked my finger and worked it into her pussy hole. I went in and out like a jackhammer.
She squeezed her breasts and moaned.
"Yes, Francesca go faster please! more! more," she moaned.
I went faster and began to lick her clit up and down and slipped my tongue into her hole. I saw her lick her lips moaning:
"Yes, yes!t hat's the way I like it baby," she said. She ran her fingers through my hair as my fingers went up and down her body. She put her legs over my back as the tips of her heels went up and down. The feel of her stilettos turned me on and I massaged her legs and opened them more. I put my whole mouth over her pussy and sucked and licked harder. She moaned louder and begged for more.
I got up and told her to get up.
"What's wrong?" she said panting for air and sweating. "Nothing, just turn around," I told her.
She turned around and I made her assume the position to be searched. She spread her legs and put her hands on the desk. I admired the view from behind. Her taut ass, shapely legs, soft back as I felt her breasts running my tongue up and down her back.
"Ooh that's good, you know what I like," she moaned.
I took out my strap on dildo and lubricated it. She turned around and smiled.
"I'm not going to ask where you got that but hurry up, I like this part," she said spreading her legs for my easy access back entrance.
I lubricated my finger and slipped it into her anal hole to make it easier. She liked it so I went faster and I grabbed the back of her hair gently.
"Is that what you like, huh? You want more?" I commanded.
"Yes, more. I've been bad," she said in a soft sexy voice.
I took my finger out and slipped the dildo in. It glided in giving me the hint that this was not her first time. All the better. I began to go in and out as I fucked her ass and I gripped her hips for maximum penetration. She ordered me to go faster as I put my hands in her pussy and massaged it. She let go of the desk and put her hands on my hips so our bodies were one. She turned her head so we kissed and our tongues played with one another. My hand caressed her face and worked its way down her breasts and stomach. I gripped her hips and went faster and faster! faster! I heard her moan "yes, yes" louder.
I slowed down to change positions. She turned around and motioned me to go on the couch. She took my hand and led me to the couch as I removed my strap on and lay down as she got on her knees. She opened my legs to expose my clit and pussy. She sucked on my lips and ran her tongue on my clit and the surrounding juices as it overflowed from my pussy. Michelle was so hot I couldn't stand it. She played with my nipples pinching them delicately as I put my hands on hers to aid her in her pleasuring me as she deepened the penetration of her tongue into my pussy. I ran my fingers through her hair as she took care of all my needs: my breasts were played with, my pussy was licked, pussy hole was cared for and my anal hole was teased with by her tongue. She sure knew how to multi- task.
She got up and turned herself around so her pussy was in my face. Ooh my favorite: the 69. Her juicy pussy was inches from my lips that I dove in, licked her lips, and sucked on them. I heard her moan in delight as she sucked on my clit and stuck her finger in my pussy and anal hole at the same time. How good was that? The more she moved her fingers in and out, the more I sucked and made her come repeatedly that I drank in her sweet nectar. I gripped her hips and motioned them up and down as it gave her maximum gratification. She stopped licking me and moaned louder as her juices squirted out and I lapped up every drop sucking on her clit as I massaged her breasts. She moved her hips faster! faster and moaned louder that I thought security would come up to investigate. I had to nail her bad and punish her for what she did. She stole my account that I worked on for years. She invaded my space and my life. I had never been with a woman before but this was the best sex I ever had since my divorce. Maybe I can let bygones be bygones. I thought. Whom was I kidding!?
Back to what I was doing. I kept sucking on Michelle's clit until it was raw. All the better. This bitch will pay for her defiance. I got her off of me and backed her against the wall.
"You think you can come here and worm your way into my life and steal the biggest account I've been working on?" I said to her sternly pinning her arms against the wall.
"I guess you couldn't hack it so the boss needed someone to get the job done," she remarked in a sarcastic voice.
"Is that so? I'll show you who the real boss is," I said planting a kiss on her and sticking my tongue into her mouth.
She responded in kind by playing with my tongue as her arms were pinned like a caged animal. She tried to get out of my grip but I was as strong as she was. I loosened lesbians fucking my grip and put my finger in her pussy. I made her spread her legs as I penetrated her and went deep inside her pussy hole. She licked my bottom lip and I grabbed her chin and licked her savagely like I hadn't eaten in a week. She tasted so good. I bent down and put her leg behind my back and ate her out some more. She ran her fingers through my hair and moaned in delight as she squirted her love juices all over my face. I satisfied my thirst and drank it all in and rubbed it on my face. She tasted so sweet it was like a drug. I had to get my fix. I licked faster and sucked more as I had to finish her off! sucking faster!faster as she moaned louder again and threw her head back!
"Yes! Yes! Suck harder! I'm coming," she yelled.
Then it was over! her love juices turned creamy white and smelled of her scent. I took some of it and smeared it on her nipples. I licked her nipples and sucked them clean. I took more and put it on her lips as I licked and sucked if off. She smiled and joined me as we licked and sucked each others' lips.
"It's one in the morning and we have to get back to work," said Michelle.
"Oh my, your right; let's get this report done and call it a night for sure," I said.
"I'll be back and we'll get started," she said.
Michelle left the room to get clean and dressed. I brushed my hair, got dressed, grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and a piece of fruit as I began to type the report we needed for the boss.
"I'm back, I'll type the second part and we'll put it together for the boss. I'm sorry you thought I wanted to steal the account from you, that wasn't my intention. I just wanted to do a good job because I like it here and I like you," said Michelle.
"Do you think we could put any animosity aside and be friends after what happened?" I asked.
"I think what we did makes me like you more and I hope we'll always be good friends," she said.
I was glad to hear what she said. She wasn't so bad after all. It took us until four that morning to finish the project and we each went home to get some sleep.
The day I came in, the boss called me into his office for a meeting. "Michelle is leaving us, her contract is up and she'll be moving to another job. We'll be sad to see her go. She did a good job on the account. Don't worry, Francesca, you did too. Great work," said the boss.
Michelle and I both shook Mr. Duncan's hand.
"Thank you, Mr. Duncan. We worked hard on it," I said.
Michelle smiled in agreement.
"I know you guys did, the great thing about this place is when you have surveillance cameras in every office, you see just how hard people really work," said Mr. Duncan.
My eyes grew wide. I didn't know what to say. Michelle smiled and looked at me. I looked at her. We both looked at Mr. Duncan. He winked at the both of us.
"Don't worry, the master tapes are in my office under lock and key. I'm sorry to see you go Michelle but you Francesca are too valuable to let go and I know how talented you really are," he said.
I walked out as Michelle followed me.
"Do you think he'll say anything?" she said.
"Why would he. He liked what he saw. I don't think he'd give up on a repeat performance, do you?" I said.
"May be I can visit you some time when you're working late?" said Michelle.
"I think that would be great, I always have reports that need extra attention!" I said putting my hand on her shoulder.
Michelle put her hand on mine. I walked her to her car and gave her a hug. She gave me her number and asked me to dinner. I inhaled the scented paper and smiled.
Michelle asked, "What about the tapes?" I told her, "Since Mr. Duncan gave me a copy of the master key to his desk and my third reason why he's such an idiot: he's forgetful. He says I'm so valuable, I'll just get those tapes and switch them with fakes and he'll know the old saying "what goes around, comes around."

lebians having sexI had just taken a shower and was wrapped in my towel when I walked into Heather's bedroom. As I crossed the room to my bag to get my hairbrush, my towel fell off, leaving me totally exposed in front of Heather!
I was totally embarrassed!!!
I sat in the floor blushing like an absolute fool, trying to grab my towel and salvage my dignity.
I heard the melody of Heather's laugh as she told me not to be embarrassed!
She told me, as she moved to my side, that she thought I was very pretty.
She also revealed to me that she was jealous because my boobs were bigger than hers.
I wasn't sure at all where this conversation was going. I could only sit there and wonder what was going on.
Heather put her arm around me and pulled me tight to her, and told me I was her best friend and that she wanted to share something very special with me. I weakly smiled at her words but was caught totally off guard when Heather kissed me!
My eyes widened and I saw her closed eyes, and felt her oh so soft lips on mine. I felt her tongue briefly flick across my mouth, then she broke the kiss and her beautiful eyes opened and seemed to look deeply inside me, seeing things I didnt even know existed inside my very being.
I still sat in silence, uable to stop her as she pushed my towel away to expose my breasts. I think the only person to see my breasts in the last 7 years was my mom. My jaw dropped open and I just stared at Heather, finally managing to stammeringly ask her what was happening. She hushed my by putting a finger to my lips, then kissed me again.
I had never kissed anyone before, and I always thought that my first kiss would be with a boy, not another girl! I felt totally lost, unable to protest or move away, and momentarily unsure if that is what I wanted to do. My breath hissed through my lips as I felt Heather's mouth seek out and find the nipple of my left breast.
My young breasts seem to swell with excitement and became ever more sensitive to her attentions. I was surprised to hear a sound, a low, almost inhuman sound, and even more surprised when I realized it was coming from me! Heather gently but insistently pushed me onto my back, and began to kiss my neck, lips, and breasts.
I must have been quite a sight. I was lying there all stiff and straight, with my legs clamped tightly together and arms lying down by my sides.
I heard Heather whisper that she wasn't going to hurt me. She told me she wanted to lick me and make me feel really good.
My head was in a whirl. No one had ever done anything like this to me! I had never even touched myself when I was 14, much less felt gratification, and Heather was telling me she wanted me.

Me! I couldn't believe it!! I felt Heather's kisses go lower and lower. Soon they were around my stomach and hips. I felt her hot breath stir the curls on my mound. This created a totally new sensation in me. She kept kissing around my navel, and then down, further, and suddenly, my legs just fell open for her and she went down on me. Her tongue worked its magic on my labia and I felt them swell and an unfamiliar excitiment began to pour through me! I felt a new sensation of wetness flowing from my vagina. It seemed to form deep inside my body and force its way to the outside, almost a true river of desire.
Heather was moaning into my vagina how wonderful I tasted, and my body was showing signs of life by my hands moving toward her head and holding it there while I caressed her hair and began to mumble incoherently. I felt her tongue penetrate me like nothing had ever done before and I almost cried out, but silenced myself with my towel I had clinched earlier. I couldn't believe what I was feeling!! It was so wonderful!! Heather's tongue was replaced by her fingers. I gasped when she pushed two deep inside my body.
Then her mouth attacked my clit. Her tongue lashed it and flicked it and her teeth raked across it, leaving me in a trembling mass of nerve endings. Suddenly, I felt a tremendous pressure build deep inside! I didn't know what it was yet, but I felt it would be wonderful. Suddenly, the first orgasm of my life ripped through my clit and pussy! My juices flowed out and Heather was lapping them up with wild abandon! I came then, screaming into my towel. Afraid that Heather's mom would hear us, but not willing to let go of this beautiful feeling.
Now I became the agressor! I pulled Heather up from between my legs and kissed her, tasting my juices on her lips, and wanting more. My tongue plunged into her mouth and I was almost crying into her mouth as I kissed her with my very being. After tasting myself, I knew I just had to taste Heather. I pulled her around and pausedoral sex a while at her breasts, loving the feeling as her nipples came alive in my mouth. Kissing my way down her lithe body, gazing intently at her now openly offered pussy as I kissed her thighs. I could feel the heat on my cheek as it radiated out of her. She was soooo beautiful. Framed by a wispy shroud of light blonde hair, it stood invitingly open for me to feast on. Her pussy was heaven! My tongue immediately plunged deep inside her and I heard her gasp. I lapped her pussy from bottom to top, relishing in the taste, like honey, but hotter! I began to force my tongue inside her, past the labia and into her folds and creases. When I had wiggled it as deep as it could go, I began to piston it in and out of her. I could feel her pussy muscles grasping in vain at my tongue as I worked her pussy like a miniature cock.
Soon her hips began to sway and I felt her hands in my hair. She was beginning to moan now and I knew she was close. I concentrated my efforts on her clit, which I had so far ignored. I was amazed at how erect it was, peeking from its hood, begging for attention. I captured it in my mouth and began to light suck on it while my tongue flicked ever so lightly on it. This seemed to put Heather in orbit as I heard her moan in exstacy and her thighs clamped tightly around my head. I redoubled my efforts and soon, my beautiful best friend, my lover, came screaming into the same towel where moments earlier I had felt the first joyous orgasmic moments of womanhood. I drank deeply of Heather's juices and when I snuggled up next to her on the floor, she kissed and licked all her juices from my face. We fell asleep in each other's arms.
Needless to say, When I read this account I was both devasted that my daughter was seduced into the world of lesbian sex, and somehow aroused by the idea of seeing them in each other arms. I think I will have to call Heather and see if I can arrange something with her! If I can do it, maybe the three of us can enjoy a wonderfully loving moment together! I will tell you how it goes if you want me too!

Lesbian Sex

I want you, Danielle. I canít help it," I told her honestly.
"Then take me."
Her fingers went to my pussy and slipped inside. "Oh, Danielle," I moaned. I wiggled my hips over her fingers so they would drift to my clit. "Touch me," I told her.
My hand went between her legs and moved the bottoms to one side. I felt her quiver as my fingertips ran through her hairs. I spread my legs for her to touch me. I could feel my pussy lips part for her finger. She wiggled my clit back and forth as I did the same to her. Then she dipped her fingers way up inside of my pussy and I dipped in lesbians5_200.jpg - 7112 Bytesher. Her pussy dripped for me as mine did for her. I ached inside. I needed to cum with her and make her cum, too.
"I want to see your pussy," I told her. She got up on the side of the tub and spread her legs wide for me. Her fingers spread the lips open so I could see. Without hesitation, I went to her and buried my face deep inside her pussy. I had never eaten a woman, but I wanted, too, and nearly needed, too. My tongue flicked fast at her clit making the bulb shake. My finger dug inside her wet cunt. I could feel her humping my finger and squirming over my tongue. She tasted so good that I wanted more. I wanted to taste her cum against my mouth.
Danielle grabbed my head and forced me to lick faster as she fucked my fingers. I kept licking her clit over and over while finger-fucking her silly. "Iím going to cum." I felt her quiver all over as her pussy dripped over my fingers. Her clit swelled against my tongue. "That feels so good," she said.
After a moment, she grabbed my shoulders and firmly put me against the side of the hot tub. "Let me taste you now. I want to hear you cum." She spread my legs to bite at my clit. She put two fingers in my hole deep.
Her tongue moved madly over my clit and she fucked me harder than I had her. I moved my hips back and forth. I felt her fill me more with three fingers, then four. I wanted her to fill me full.
"Fist me, Danielle. Fill me," I ordered.
I felt her force more and more of her hand up inside of me. I pushed my hips forward to help her. Pain filled me for only a moment before she found my g-spot to finger and rotated her small hand inside me. Her nibbles against my clit became more intense at the same time as her hand pushed and played inside of me.
"I want to cum, Danielle. Make me cum," I yelled at her. I began shaking inside from head to toe. My nipples swelled even harder and my orgasm ran through my entire body. She bit hard on my clit as I came against her tongue. My hips moved more, then I froze all over for a moment. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had.
After a minute, I brought Danielle up to me wrapping her in my arms. She kissed me ever so softly and passionately. I could taste my pussy juices on her mouth.
"I thought you didnít have any energy,"she said, as we really showered each other.
"You can rejuvenate me anytime."

Office Lesbian Sex

"Come into the office and let's see," she said, with a huge smile. The boss was gone for the afternoon and it was just the two of us.
I went over to her and kissed her softly, then pulled away slightly and smiled at her, feeling her warmth. Then I slid her panties off from under her skirt. She hopped up on the desk and spread her legs. Dropping to my knees was all I could do. To even look at her pussy made me ache. I spread the lips of her pussy so that I could taste her sweet juices. My tongue circled her clit and went deep inside her. She tasted just as good as I knew she would. "Taste it. I'm so wet for you," she said. I continued eating her pussy, before pushing three fingers in her. She was dripping wet. She must have been horny for a while.
"There's a vibrator in my bag," she said. "I keep it there for emergencies. Get it. Shove it deeply inside me." I was only too happy to do so. I brought it back and shoved it dildo fuck into her and fucked her with it before turning it on. Then I turned it on full blast and slid it out of her and over her clit. She quivered all over. I was now oblivious to if anyone else was in the building. I almost didn't care. The only thing on my mind was making her cum. "Cram it in me faster," she said. Her hips were bucking madly against it. Then as I would run it over her clit vibrating fast, she would just tremble all over.
"Cum, baby. Please cum," I told her. I held the vibrator against her clit, rolling it around in circles.
"Oh, that's it. I'm going to cum," Jackie moaned. She lurched forward as she came all over the vibrator. "More, it feels so good." I kept circling around her clit until she pushed me away. She grabbed my skirt, lifted it up and pulled my panties and nylons down. "Let me mix my cum with yours," she said. I sat on the desk and spread my leg wide. First Jackie buried her face in my cunt. She was so good at licking me. I had dreamed of it so many times. My bottom moved around so I could feel her tongue all over me. The next thing I knew the vibrator was thrusting inside me. She had it turned on full blast. I ached for it.
"Fuck me hard," I told her. I want to cum desperately before anyone came by. I grabbed her head and forced her face deeper in me. She was so good. "Hold the vibrator over my clit. I love it that way." She did as I asked. My body shook. I moved from side to side over it. "I'm going to cum," I moaned. My nipples were so hard. I came all over her vibrator. A minute later, her tongue returned to my pussy to lick the cum from me.
"You are so perfect for our office. I'm so glad I hired you," she said. I was glad, too. I knew that I had a lot more adventures in store for me, and I couldn't wait for them.

Hot Tub

(from Lesbian Sex stories in http://www.Naughty.com > Beth and I sunk slowly into her hot tub. I watched her lovely, firm breasts sink into the water. She looked gorgeous with my pink bikini on her slim figure.
"This feels great, Beth. I wish I had a hot tub at my house to relax in."
"Anytime you wish to come over, feel free."
We have been friends since grade school. We used to played doctor with each other back then. I saw her pussy and did a breast exam on her. It had always been my fantasy to make her cum.
"You are beautiful in that swimsuit. It shows off the auburn in your hair."
"Thank you. You look better in my pink suit than I do. Blondes always seem to look good in pink."
"I wish my breasts filled out the top as well as yours do," I said looking at them.
Beth swam over to me and without a word, she reached around my slim silhouette and unsnapped the top of the swimsuit to take it off. With the palm of her hands, she outlined my B-cup breasts. My nipples grew hard and Goosebumps formed over my body. "They are just right," she told me.
I reached around her back to take her top off of her. Her breasts where larger than mine. They were round, firm, and the nipples were big and pink. I cupped them pinching the nipples. "I love yours," I told her before ascending my mouth on the nipple. I wasnít really sure if she would let me, but I wanted, too. Her body pushed against me indicating it to be okay to touch her and lick her. I bit softly upon the nub that grew harder in my mouth. I squeezed my legs together as my pussy already grew wet and hot for her.
"That feels good. Keep going," she told me. Her head went back letting the auburn curls dangle at her waist. My fingertips drifted over her other breast in a soft feather tickle. She squirmed as I ran my hand down her ribs and over her stomach. The Goosebumps formed all over her. I sat on her leg in the water pressing my pussy against it.
"I want you, Beth. I canít help it. Iíve always wanted you," I told her honestly.
"Then take me."
Her fingers went to my pussy and slipped inside. "Oh, Beth," I moaned. I wiggled my hips over her fingers so they would drift to my clit. "Touch me," I told her. My hand went between her legs and moved the bottoms to one side. I felt her quiver as my fingertips ran through her hairs. I spread my legs for her to touch me. I could feel my pussy lips part for her finger. She wiggled my clit back and forth as I did the same to her. Then she dipped her fingers way up inside of my pussy and I dipped in her. Her pussy dripped for me as mine did for her. I got off her leg to take off my bottoms. I ached inside. I needed to cum with her and make her cum, too.
My breathing grew faster as I bent down to take her panties off.
"I want to see your pussy," I told her. She got up on the side of the tub and spread her legs wide for me. Her fingers spread the lips open so I could see. Without hesitation, I went to her and buried my face deep inside her pussy. I had never eaten a woman, but I wanted, too, and nearly needed, too. My tongue flicked fast at her clit making the bulb shake. My finger dug inside her wet cunt. I could feel her humping my finger and squirming over my tongue. She tasted so good that I wanted more. I wanted to taste her cum against my mouth.
Beth grabbed my head and forced me to lick faster as she fucked my fingers. I kept licking her clit over and over while finger-fucking her silly. "Iím going to cum." I felt her quiver all over as her pussy dripped over my fingers. Her clit swelled against my tongue. "That feels so good," she said.
After a moment, she grabbed my shoulders and firmly put me against the side of the hot tub. "Let me taste you now. I want to hear you cum." She spread my legs to bite at my clit. She put two fingers in my hole deep.
Her tongue moved madly over my clit and she fucked me harder than I had her. I moved my hips back and forth. I felt her fill me more with three fingers, then four. I wanted her to fill me full.
"Fist me, Beth. Fill me," I ordered.
I felt her force more and more of her hand up inside of me. I pushed my hips forward to help her. Pain filled me for only a moment before she found my g-spot to finger and rotated her small hand inside me. Her nibbles against my clit became more intense at the same time as her hand pushed and played inside of me.
"I want to cum, Beth. Make me cum," I yelled at her. I began shaking inside from head to toe. My nipples swelled even harder and my orgasm ran through my entire body. She bit hard on my clit as I came against her tongue. My hips moved more, then I froze all over for a moment. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had.
After a minute, I brought Beth up to me wrapping her in my arms. She kissed me ever so softly and passionately. I could taste my pussy juices on her mouth.
"Now your pussy is as wet as the tub," she teased.
"Yes, want to do it again?" I asking grinning.

No Reason To Sleep (from http://www.askjolene.com) Saturday is our normal "date night." You know, the week is done and we can go out to dinner or a movie and not have to worry about getting up the next morning. It's also a night where we can just relax with each other doing something besides our every night normal routine.
We had discovered that the local comedy club was hosting one of the comics from the Last Comic Standing reality program so along with another couple (T & L) we made it an evening. It started with dinner (more like appetizers) at a restaurant and then on to the club for the early show.
The opening act and the headliner were both excellent and by the end of the show, my sides hurt a bit from all of the laughter. It was early when the show ended so we headed back to the other couple's home and spent the next 4 hours enjoying a beautiful summer evening, a bottle of red wine, some excellent rum when that was all gone and at least for T and I, a good cigar.
The conversation was all over the place. One of the funnier things we got into was that as part of one of the jokes, the comedian referenced a bullet and a rabbit. Well, D and I knew what he was referring to but L didn't initially so of course we spent time (probably way too much) discussing the pros and cons of sex toys.
I know what you're thinking; what cons?
From there we talked about other topics sexual, clothing optional beaches, another couple we both knew that was into swinging selectively and all of the good natured teasing that went with it.
(No folks, there is no foursome in this story. just hang with me here for a couple of more paragraphs and I promise there will be some sex)
I should mention that D had a just to the knee skirt on tonight so as she sat across from me on the deck I had a great view of her lovely legs as well as her lace panties every time she parted them. She knew it too and for a while, she was teasing me with the view.
And it wasn't just her legs that looked good. The top she had on did nothing to hide the fact that she really does have gorgeous breasts and the candles and torches on the deck gave her a very sensual lighting. I think the best description was that she looked infinitely edible.
By the time we stopped drinking anything but water, it was close to 1 a.m. and we headed home for what I thought would be some cuddling and spooning together before falling asleep for the night.
Silly me. because she definitely had other plans.
We got back to the apartment and after feeding and explaining things to our cat, (you know how cats look at you when you leave them for 7 - 8 hours without a snack) I climbed into bed and waited for her to join me.
The perfume she took the time to put on should have been a dead giveaway. Then again, it wasn't all that long before she pulled back the sheet and slid down to take me into her mouth, and at that point I definitely knew that it wasn't time for sleep.
There wasn't much gentleness in her sucking. It was more like she was telling me I want you hard and ready. NOW! And if I still wasn't sure, then when she reached to the nightstand to pull out her bullet vibe I absolutely knew that she was ready to play.
She was already wet when she moved up to straddle my hips and guide me inside. Her hips raised and lowered a couple of times before I heard the sound of the vibe start buzzing and when she lifted up this time, I helped her place the bullet in between us directly on her clit.
The extra stimulation from the vibe means that she doesn't have to move nearly as much to stimulate her clit and frankly, I like having her just kind of hovering on top of me. I can play with her nipples which is a great turn on for both of us and can also enjoy the feeling of being deep inside of her and feeling the way her pussy responds as she gets closer and closer to climaxing. which she did less than a minute after we got the vibrator in place. And it wasn't just once; it was multiple times once she got started. She had two while she was leaning back with her hands on my thighs and then 2 or 3 more when she lay down on my chest and we kissed. Her hips never stopped moving and if I hadn't been covering her mouth with mine, her moans would surely have wakened the entire complex. I heard her say something that sounded like "turn it off," and once I figured out what she wanted, turned off the vibe and helped her to climb off of me and lay back on the bed. It didn't bother me that I had been kind of close to cumming and never did. I had been tired when I climbed into bed and the prospect of another half or so of serious sexual activity sounds like fun only if you know you have the energy to do so. wrong answer according to her.
We cleaned up and cuddled for a couple of minutes and then damned if she didn't slide back down and take me in her mouth again. It was only a couple of minutes before I told her to get up on her knees.
I grabbed the oil from the nightstand and the other vibrator in the drawer (an egg if you really needed to know) and then moved in behind her.
I poured some of oil on my hand and while I was coating and stroking my shaft a couple of times I heard the other vibe start buzzing again. She had already moved it back to her clit and was holding it there with one hand.
I slid easily back inside of her and started a slow paced, long strokes rhythm in and out of her.
Inside I could feel her clasping at the head of my cock as I moved back and forth and when I changed the angle a little bit she started matching my movements in with her own thrusting back at me.
Thank god for a solid bed frame because we were quickly both moving with more intensity until she once again started cumming.
I grabbed her hips and pulled her tight to me until the climax finished and then once again started stroking my full length in and out.
All too soon she came again so I decided to switch tactics.
I turned the control dial of the other vibe (I know, you wondered when I was going to get to it) and laid the silver egg in between her ass cheeks. Neither of us is into anal sex but having the vibe in the proximity of her ass is enough to really set her off and it was doing that tonight. "Take the vibe off your clit" I told her. She did, so now what she was feeling was the long, slow, in and out movement of my cock inside of her and the egg vibrating between her ass. I counted silently half a dozen strokes and told her to put the vibe back on her clit.
Her pussy tightened up around me the instant the vibe made contact with her clit and now the game began.
I let her keep the vibe there for a few seconds of every minute so she never had it there long enough for her to cum but at the same time it took her very close to the edge. And the one time she didn't remove it; I spanked her and told her that if she didn't listen I would take it away.
She listened.
For the next several minutes she followed my cues and pacing and as I got closer and closer to reaching my own climax, I kept increasing the level of vibration of the other vibe, the one that was now deep between the globes of her ass because my thumb was holding it there.
She was moaning non stop now and when I got to the edge of cumming I told her for the last time to put the vibe back.
The combination of my cock starting to cum and having deprived her from climaxing for so long put her over the edge as well when the vibe was back on her clit. It was hard to hold onto her, even with both hands on her hips now as she shook and pounded her hips against me, climax after climax rolling over her.
I'm not sure what she screamed into the pillow but it sounded like. (well you know what it sounds like) and we stayed locked together like that until I reached down and took the vibe from her hand, then turned off the second one as well.
I didn't want to pull out of her so I stayed where I was, running my fingertips down her back and then up along her sides, blowing some cool air onto her back.
It wasn't until she kind of slithered to stretch onto her stomach that I finally moved out of her and got off the bed to go get a warm cloth and some cool water.
I left her the cloth and on my way to the kitchen, there sits the cat in the middle of the hall looking at me like "are you two about done yet?" "This floor ain't the best for sleeping on you know; I want my corner of the bed back."
I told him to deal with it. and got a bottle of water out of the fridge, dinking about half of it before bringing it back to the bedroom for her.
End of the story you're asking?
Nope. She drank the other half the bottle and got up to use the bathroom. I made an attempt at getting the sheets and comforter back on the bed.
She came back to the bed, lay on her side facing me and said "why don't you get the other toy out of the drawer."
I kid you not. Folks, I'm 50, been hard off and on for the last hour and a half, had a fair amount of alcohol in the last 6 hours and just had a great cum about 10 minutes ago. And it's now after 3 in the morning.
Yes, I reached over and got her other toy out of the drawer.
So where was I? Oh yes.
She reached for the toy and rather than letting her have it, I told her to just lie back and once more let me take care of her pleasure.
Her idea of laying back included her hands squeezing and massaging her breasts while I teased between her lips with the tip of the toy. I could tell from how easily it was sliding that we weren't going to need any other lube than what her excited state was producing.
Every so often I would let the vibe slide all the way up to her clit and thoroughly enjoyed the way that she thrust her hips at it, trying to maintain the brief contact I was allowing her.
Massaging her breasts had progressed to her gently pulling at and pinching her nipples and knowing that she is pretty much hotwired from her nipples to between her legs, used that moment to gently slide the head of the fake cock inside of her.
She moaned once and didn't need to tell me that she wanted more inside of her, so I turned up the speed slightly and began to work its length further and further inside with each stroke.
There were minutes where I left the vibe buried inside and would suck on the nipple closest to me, and other periods of time where I was stroking the toy almost completely in and out of her, varying the angle to make sure that I wasn't missing any of her hot spots.
She was close to cumming again and I decided to see if the pacing and denial of completion that had worked earlier tonight would have the same effect now.
"Hold it back babe," I told her.
"You can get close but I don't want you to cum until I let you finish."
"Ok, but it's hard not to cum. I'll try," she half moaned in response.
I could feel her pussy squeezing hard around the toy, almost squeezing it out each time I stopped the inward pressure. I knew she was ready.
"Count with me," I told her.
"You can cum on 3."
Her head was on my arm and with my lips near her ear we counted the numbers, seconds in between each, and on 3, held the vibe steady inside of her and just let the climax overtake her.
Covering her mouth with mine, I was able to smother the scream that followed and when I felt her body relax slightly from coming off the high of the climax I said to her "I'm going to count to 5 this time."
If she had wanted to stop she would have said so. She gets into a zone like this at times where the first cum is just that, the first.
It's like an appetizer.
I lowered my mouth to a nipple and said "one."
At the same time I changed the angle that the vibe was sliding in and out so that the tip was pushing against the top of her canal and I could feel her start vibrating when I left the nipple long enough to say "two."
By four one of her legs was twitching almost non-stop and to her credit, she held back her release until I said "five," and covered her mouth with mine once again.
How do you describe a woman overcome with physical pleasure?
Her body was shaking, she was moaning loudly, trying to take my tongue inside of her mouth as deep as the toy was inside of her. The gate had been opened. She was cumming now every time I slid the toy back inside of her and now the pace of slowly pulling it out and working it back in was intended to let her ride the crest of each of those mini-climaxes that she was experiencing.
I don't know for sure how long we stayed like this, but eventually I did turn off the vibe, leaving it inside of her, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her forehead softly.
She was still moving a bit erratically but the deep shudders had passed a few minutes later. When her breathing slowed as well I removed the toy and rolled her onto her back to try to make her comfortable.
Some gentle cleaning, cool water and some quiet laughter between us and we were ready to call it a . .morning?
It seems that my personal version of the energizer bunny had finally had enough.
I had too but as I drifted off to sleep, feeling her head on my shoulder and one leg draped across mine, I was thinking about what else we could do the next time we felt like staying up late and playing with toys.

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