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Here we have excerpts from Gay and Lesbian sessions as well as a chance to go to a Gay and lesbian Videos.

I will be pleased to add further information and pictures if anybody would like to contact me.

Gay Sex Story 1

One Saturday, when Mike's parents told him they would be going out to dinner for a few hours, Mike was ecstatic. This would be the night that Mike would express his feelings toward Kevin and show him he wanted him. As soon as his parents left the driveway in their car, Mike phoned Kevin and asked him if he wanted to come over. Kevin said "Sure, alright. Wanna get some girls too?" Mike frowned and hesitated. "Um...yeah, we can do that." They hung up and Mike thought for a moment. Maybe this isn't a good idea. He had to atleast try it. 20 minutes later, the doorbell rang and Mike ran to answer it. It was Kevin looking hot as fuck in his basketball jersy and baggy pants. That awesome bulge was just waiting to be opened.
They sat on the couch and watched some tv. There was a porno on HBO. Lesbians. Mike got turned on aside from the fact he didn't like girls all that much. Kevin grinned at the television stupidly as he turned up the volume. Mike could feel his dick rising in his pants. His hard ass cock was ready for action. He wanted Kevin so fucking badly, he couldn't contain himself. He quickly reached for Kevin's pants and unzipped them. Kevin sat there shocked with Mike's sudden move. They just stared at each other for a minute, then Kevin said, "Go ahead. Let's do it. I'm horny as fuck. Go on...take it out." Mike smiled and reached inside Kevin's pants and grabbed his cock.
He took it in his hands and massaged it. "Ohhh, it feels SO fucking GOOD! Oh man!" moaned Kevin. Mike put it in his mouth and sucked on the juicy cock until it was red. He sucked all of Kevin's cum out and felt Kevin jerk as he had an orgasm. Mike was delighted. Kevin gestured for Mike to come closer. Mike crawled onto Kevin's lap and unzipped his own pants. He slid his cock out and swung it in Kevin's face. Kevin licked it and put it in his mouth. Mike moved his ass back and fourth as Kevin sucked the cock up and down. The slurping sounds made Mike moan and he cummed all over Kevin's pretty face. Mike moved down and put his belly on the couch with his ass in the air. Kevin pulled Mike's jeans all the way off and stuck his finger in the asshole. Kevin licked it for a while moving his toungue around and around the hole and Mike nearly screamed. Then Kevin put his cock into the hole and thrust back and fourth. "Oh shit, that feels hella good!" said Kevin. "Ohhhh, yeah. I want your cock again, gimme your dick, kevin!" Kevin sat down on the couch legs spread again as Mike seated himself on the floor ready to give another blowjob. "Suck me off so hard, Mike. I love it when you do that. I never....OH! I never knew you liked me the way I liked...uh...uhhhh..you." Mike continued to suck the fuck out of Kevin and they went on with the luvin for another hour.

Gay Sex Story 2

It was a hot night. The inside of the trailer was like an oven. Getting to sleep wasnít going to be easy. As I laid on top of the covers, wearing only a pair of jockey shorts, I drifted into a state of fantasy. It was a fantasy as steamy as the night air; an erotic vision that triggered a massive erection.
A space of four feet separated my cot from Deanís, but it felt like he was lying right beside me. I could feel the heat radiating from his muscular body, passionate heat that was about to drown me in my own sweat.
A security light cast a dim, amber glow through out the interior of the small trailer. I could see Dean resting peacefully. I needed to jack off in the worst way.
I turned onto my side facing away from Dean. The head of my stiff, eight-inch cock was poking out over the elastic of my briefs, dripping for attention. Reaching down, I affectionately pinched the spongy knob smearing the gooey sap that leaked from my piss hole between my thumb and fingers. I pulled down the front of my shorts and began to slowly stroke my rigid slab of teenage meat.
"Does that feel good?" Deanís words shattered the silence like an explosion, causing me to nearly jump out of my skin.
I immediately let the front of my shorts snap back up, but they failed to conceal the full length of my pulsing tool. In a rather lame attempt to hide my self indulgence I yawned and looked over my shoulder. ....... .what?

Dean was now sitting on the edge of his cot staring ame. I was embarrassed, but I tried not to let it show. Cramming my tormented prick down inside my underwear, rolled onto my back hoping not to arouse any further suspicion.
Dean reached for the switch on the wall and we were suddenly bathed in a harsh, revealing light.
"You know", Dean said, gazing lustfully at the sizable bulge straining against the crotch of my briefs, "for your size, you sure do have a big cock."Br> I knew he was referring to the fact that I was only five feet nine inches tall and weighed all of a hundred and thirty pounds.

I felt my face glowing red and hot. Dean shook his head and smiled knowingly as I pulled up the sheet to distort hisview.
"I can always go outside and have a smoke if you want to finish taking care of business," he said.
I couldnít even speak.
"Better yet,",he said, coming over to sit on the side of my cot. "Why donít you let me help you take care of business."
I laid paralyzed as he tossed back the sheet and pulled my underwear down around my knees. The stiffness afflicting my quivering young cock had not subsided in the least, if anything, my cock had gotten even harder.

I moaned as Deanís fingers slid up the insides of my down covered thighs, pausing as they reached my swollen nuts. My head spun as he gently rolled my aching bangers with his callused fingers.
"My God, boy, youíre so full of juice youíre damn near ready to pop a load."
Sweat streamed down the sides of my face as Dean locked a fist around my pulsating cylinder. It took my breath away when he squeezed my shaft until the head of my dick was stretched so tight that it seemed to glow in the harsh light.
Wetting his lips with his slippery tongue, I could see that he thirsted to sample the single drop of shimmering pre- cum that had emerged from my piss hole to fill the shallow well at the tip of my organís bloated crimson crown.
"Mmmmmmmm....nectar of the Gods,"
Dean sighed softly, bending down to take my succulent knob between his slobbering hungry lips.
cock suckingI closed my eyes, listening to him grunt and groan with satisfaction as my sticky sap washed over his hot, wet tongue. My entire body trembled as Dean stuck the tip of his tongue into the slimy slit of my piss hole. My organ lurched ruttishly as he lapped greedily, slowly moving his talented mouth further and further down the shaft of my pulsing organ. I watched with utter amazement as he greedily consumed the entire length of my cock.
I could keep silent no longer.
"Oh fuck, that feels so good," I panted. "Iíve never had a blow job before."
Dean snaked my thick wad of meat out of his sweltering gullet.
"I take it then that you approve?" He said, flicking his tongue up and down the tubular underbelly of my rigid organ.
"Oh God, yes! Please donít stop. Suck my dick some more."
"You know," he said, wiping the drool from his chin, "I might be persuaded to do just that, provided youíre willingto return the favor."
I looked down between his huge, hairy legs and stared at the enormous, elongated bulge tenting out the leg of his baggy boxer shorts. "I donít know," I said.
"Itís either that, or you let me fuck your sweet, little ass," Dean said, slowly pushing my legs into the air so that he could scrutinize the tempting contours of my tender butt more closely. Truth is, I was so fucking horny I was willingto do almost anything.
Gently, Dean began caressing my ass, filling me with overwhelming curiosity. I drew my knees up against my chest urging him to explore further. He ignited a fire inside me when he pulled the muscular cheeks of my smooth buttocksapart, making my small, pink pucker vulnerable to his assault.

Slowly Dean sank down onto the cot and buried his face in the crack of my ass. I nearly shot my wad when he crammed his thick spiky tongue deep inside my musky asshole.Spit soon saturated the crack of my ass and a single finger pierced the wispy halo of man fur that surrounded my flexing anal orifice. I shivered uncontrollably as hisinvading finger wiggled its way into my spastic rectum.
"Damn, youíre tight,"Dean sighed, easing a second finger up my twitching butt.
I had fingered my bunghole a few times while jacking off, but it had never felt like this. Deanís thick fingers felt so wonderful inside me, I heard myself whimpering with ecstasy, begging for more.
The tips of his embedded fingers raked over my internal reservoir of semen and I could resist him no longer.

"Okay," I said weakly. "You can fuck me, but you have to promise to go slow, and to stop if it hurts too bad."
"You got it buddy boy!" Dean said, slipping off his underwear as I did the same. His cock was not as big as mine, but it was still an impressive tool. The thought of having something that size up my ass had me sweating bullets.
Rising up on my hands and knees, I watched anxiously as Dean sheathed his veiny lance with a lubricated condom, After taking position behind me, he eased the head of his dick between my butt cheeks and engaged my resistant rim of anal muscle.
My fingers dug into the bedding, knotting into tight men fucking fists as the massive head of his steadfast hardness burst into my virgin hole. I howled with agony as his entry sent shock waves riveting down my legs and up my spine. A final jolt of searing pain surged through my manhood as he smothered the entire length of his bony flesh deep into the warmth of my quivering asshole.
"Christ, youíve got a snug little butthole," Dean panted.
"I havenít had a piece of ass this tight in years."
I moaned torridly as his tempo increased, rising to a fevered pitch. The discomfort had vanished, passion now filled me, as raw and as urgent as any I had ever felt.
Dean grunted, slamming his man-rammer deep into my ass, rotating his hips to make his organ wiggle around inside me.
"Ohhh, yeahhhh, bang my boy-box. It feels great," I said hoarsely.
"I never thought that doing it with another guy would be anything like this, so erotic."
"So you like getting fucked, do you?"
"Oh yeah. I love it."
Dean snickered smartly as if he had known all along that I would. "Being such a pretty, young boy, I had a feeling you were hot to be screwed."
Dean was panting hard. I could feel his hairy balls contacting as they slapped wetly into the valley of my gaping butt crack. He was close to coming, his manly load was churning, boiling up for release.
Grabbing hold of my hips, Dean rode me hard, thrusting his steely cock inside me and holding it there. His orgasmic organ jerked so violently I thought it was going to lift my impaled ass right off the bed.
I gasped as Dean pulled his trembling dick out my flexing bunghole. I immediately rolled onto my back and started stroking my sappy prick.
"Thatís it," Dean cooed, tearing off the slimy rubber, frantically yanking his cock. "Beat that fucking piece of meat. Yeahhhh!" He huffed passionately as the searing white heat of his pent up load spurted across my bouncing nuts. Strands of creamy cock juice trickled down my balls to fill the crack of my aching reamed ass. Deanís mouth gaped lewdly as his raspy breath faded from burning desire to blissful contentment.
A final drop of milky semen oozed from his strained piss hole as he dove between my gaping knees to bury his face in my steamy crotch. His slippery tongue saturated my nuts with spit as he lapped up his spent wad. Squirming feverishly, I shoved my dick in his face, longing to feel his hot mouth consume me.
"Oh yeah, suck my dick!" I cried. "Take it down you throat like you did before."
As his sensuous mouth closed around the shaft of my of my thick fuck muscle against the back of his throat. Dean groaned as his slobbering lips matted my pubic fur with his escaping drool.
I dug my fingers into his thick, black hair, fucking his mouth with a flurry of savage thrusts. My ejaculation was emanate. My aching balls contracted to form a satiny pouch beneath Deanís bristly chin.
My cock jerked as it slid from Deanís mouth. "Iím gonna cum!" I groaned in a fit of lustful insanity. "Please, jack me off!"
Dean seized my cock, his tight fist hammering away at a frenzied pace. My entire body was covered with a torrid sweat as I wiggled and squirmed, bucking against the sensual thrusts of his pumping hand.
A whipping rope of semen launched through the air landing on my chest, another splattered across my lips. The taste of my own cum triggered a third and fourth volley of gooey jism. By the time my ejaculation had subsided, my entire torso was saturated with pools of shimmering white cock cream.
From then on, by day Dean was my boss and by night, hewas my lover.

Gay Sex Story 3

With gay endearment, Freddie set out to get the kid's measurements. Dropping to his knees, he inhaled deeply, filling his senses with the musky scent of Brian's huge, sweaty balls. Biting down on his lower lip, Freddie leaned forward. With his nose all but buried in the dense kinky thatch surrounding the root of the kid's expanding cock, Freddie pulled his tape measure tight around the kid's smooth warm cock when Freddie undauntedly kissed the head of his delighted organ.
Pulling his tape measure from around the kid's slender hips, Freddie held it up to the young prima dona's thick, eight inch hardon. I had a good eye for such detail and had already surmised as much. The kid was perfection; talented, gorgeous and hung.
"Is it hot in here, or is it just me?" Freddie questioned, unbuttoning his shirt. The kid's stiff cock wagged with joy at the sight of Freddie's smooth, broad chest. I shared the kid's enthusiasm; Freddie was quite adorable. "I hope you don't mind if I make myself more comfortable?" Freddie added, removing his pants.

The kid and I both stared at the enormous bulge filling the crotch of Freddie's skimpy bikini briefs. I felt the head of my cock grow wet with excitement as Freddie pranced majestically around my new client. The suspense was killing me. The kid had to be nearly out of his fucking mind with lust.
"Would you like to see my cock?" Asked Freddie, grabbing the kid's big dick.
"Sure. Why not," Brian offered timidly.
"If I show you, you have to suck it," said Freddie.
The kid looked at me coyly. I merely shrugged indifferently. "No problem," was Brian's response, his cheeks glowing bright red.
Freddie cackled with excitement as he stripped off his briefs, setting free his monstrous nine-inch slab of aching manhood.
Stretching out on my thick, plush carpet, Freddie coaxed, "Come here, baby." The kid moved slowly toward the spectacle awaiting him. Freddie squirmed, grinding his hairy ass against the soft pile fibers as he held his arms out to receive the kid. "Come put your sweet sugar lips around my big dick."
The kid melted into his arms like butter on a hot skillet. Freddie pulled the kid down on top of him in a classic sixty-nine. My cock palpitated lasciviously as I moved toward them.
Brian gulped down rigid cockmeat until he gagged on its inflated, bulbous crown. "Slow down, sugar," gasped Freddie. "Didn't your mama ever tell you to chew your meat good before you swallow?"
Freddie opened his mouth and the kid's impressive cock disappeared. I stood behind Brian, gazing down into the gaping crack of his tight, young ass. His delicate pink shithole seemed to have my name written all over it. My mouth watered hungrily as I knelt down before his beautiful ass -- as if it were a shrine to be worshipped. With all the grace of pig in heat, Freddie let out a loud slurp, trying in vain to draw more of the kid's heavenly cock into his already overflowing oral cavity. The kid was already in orbit, but it wasn't until I ventured where no man had been before, that he truly felt the force of his manhood grip his insides like a vice.
I licked his hairy butt crack until his entire ass quivered. I felt his tiny orifice tighten each time the tip of my drooling tongue flicked its puckered surface. An almost hysterical whine of sheer appreciation emerged from his cock-filled throat when I rammed my slippery oral probe deep into his spastic, little asshole.
Freddie grunted painfully. "Whoa, easy there, sugar. Watch the teeth." Freddie looked up from between the kid's thighs, giving me a hateful glare. "What are you doing to this boy? He nearly bit off my dick!"
"Maybe you'd like to trade places?" I offered.
"No, no," cackled Freddie. "This boy's dick is like hard rock candy. I'll stay right where I am, thank you very much."
I knew that would shut the cock-sucking bitch up. He wasn't about to share the kid's sweet, young cockmeat with me, or anyone else. The fact that he was a greedy, selfish fuck was the only thing I didn't like about Freddie.
I licked the kid's delicious ass until my tongue ached with exhaustion. I abandoned my position just long enough to strip out of my clothes and retrieve a condom from my desk. I dropped to my knees behind the kid and unrolled the rubber sheath down the length of my seven-inch cock. The kid came up for air when he felt the head of my organ burst into his hot rectum.
Freddie slithered out from under the kid and sat back fingering his enormous cock. He watched enviously as I hammered my engorged meat into the steamy cleft separating the ivory mounds of the kid's ass. I knew what Freddie was thinking, but he would simply have to wait his turn.
My passion built rapidly. I reached out and put my hands around Brian's narrow waist and pulled his ass back as I slammed my cock deep into his belly. Freddie took one of the condoms from the top of my desk and put it on.Br< Anticipation had him slobbering all over himself.
Brian grunted softly each time I plunged into him. His soft, passionate moans made me shiver with delight. My huge balls gently slapped against his as I humped his ass. I could feel the twinge of orgasmic pleasure welling up inside of me. I couldn't hold back another second. The kid's asshole tightened around the base of my cock and I filled the condom with my sticky spew. I hadn't fucked such a tight ass in.. .I don't know when.
I pulled my cock out of Brian's ass and moved aside to make room for Freddie. The kid howled in agony as Freddie pierced his juicy butthole. The kid's shoulders dropped and he buried his face in his hands. "Oh fuck," he wailed, "take it easy!"
Freddie was so possessed by his own selfish lust, Brian's plea went ignored. "Um, your ass feels so good," sighed Freddie. "You like my big dick, don't ya?" And he rammed it all the way inside the kid's tortured fuckhole.
Brian gasped for air like he was going down for the third time. His sexy, brown eyes rolled back in his head as he swallowed his scream of profound misery.
What must have seemed like an eternity to Brian, in reality lasted only a few minutes. Freddie's ballsac tightened and he pulled his huge cock out of the kid's throbbing ass. Tearing off the condom, Freddie jacked off, shooting a hefty load of jism across the velvety cheeks of Brian's defeated young ass.
The kid immediately rolled over onto his back and I took his spongy, semi-erect cock between my wet lips. Pre-cum poured from his pisshole as I sucked his helmet-shaped knob into my throat. Even though his asshole was stretched and raw, I couldn't resist the urge to finger his drowning prostate.
The tip of my slimy finger gently massaged the internal reservoir of his own succulent man juice, quickly bringing him to the brink of ejaculation.
"I'm gonna cum," Brian whined breathlessly.
Freddie dove between Brian's legs and began sucking on his tingling balls while I jacked him off with one hand and banged his butthole with the other. Whimpering softly, Brian looked down, through squinted eyes, just as the first spurt of glistening semen rocketed from his pisshole to land on his heaving chest.
His amazing cock showered his well-tanned, hairless torso with thick gobs of stringy man juice. "Oh God, that felt good," panted Brian, pulling his drained nuts out of Freddie's greedy mouth.

Gay Group Sex Story

Inside the "back room" were about 12 guys all naked and having an orgy, I'm talking hardcore stuff!! I ran back to the front of the bar and just sat back down without saying a word. Bob asked me if something was wrong and that I looked like I had just seen a ghost. I told him that there was something really wild going on in back and that he should have a look. I had a full erection at this point and by the look on Kyle's face he seemed to be really savoring the moment. Bob walked into the back and I just sat there and waited for him to come running out. After 10 minutes I realized Bob was not coming out so I asked Kyle if he could go back there with me to see what was going on.
Kyle looked at the guy behind the bar and then walked over the the club's door and locked it. They pulled down the shades and shut the lights off in the bar area. My cock got so hard!! I realized now that the whole thing was planned, they all knew each other and all new what they were going to get. I walked slowly into the back of the bar with Kyle and felt like I wanted to blow my load right there. When I got the the back the lights were on and to my amazement there were 20 guys all naked all sitting around sucking each others cocks and and romping around on the floor. All of them stopped and looked at me like prey, Bob was on the floor naked on his back with a huge donkey like hard on. He motioned for me to come over by him and I did, he stripped my clothes off and pulled me down next to him. What happened next was the greatest sexual experience of my life.
Two by two the guys came over to us and started slapping us with their cocks, when all of them surrounded us we were actually getting beat with twenty hard cocks!! They took turns making us suck their dicks, they sucked ours, then they turned us both over and all took turns pounding our love holes. Our asses were getting a good work out and the cum fountains were flowing. The romping lasted the whole night and the next morning we returned to our dorm rooms. Throughout the next week I noticed that a lot of the guys on campus were the same guys at the bar, I soon learned that what took place was what they considered a freshmen romp.

Gay Sex

Some of them was shocked but a few had a felling that I liked men. One of them I knew since I was 5 years said he was also gay. I was shocked wishing I knew he was a lot sooner missing out on some good years!
We decided to walk together talking about men and how sexy other men are and men that we have slept with or had sex with! I told him that when we had games I always loved looking at men in the showers especially you! He said I know you were the last in the year to have pubic hair! Around your cock! I said I know! I told him about what happened with another kid in the year, which introduced me into having sex with other men! He said he did me 1st as well; we had sex in the toilets! One dinnertime! It was brilliant!y
We decided to skip the nightclub and head off home.When we arrived home we had a few drinks that I bought and we watched porn that I had which was excellent and got me turned on! We both stripped totally naked and started to touch teach other penisís we both started to wank each others penisís and soon we produced!

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We then decided to go down and get some cream that I had for having sex and we both then stuck fingers up each other arses which was brilliant! We then decided to wait for a while because the best bit of the porn movie was on! And we both could not turn away for a second! When the movie finished I put some of the cream around my shit hole and he put loads on his penis, and he shoved it right up my shit hole! He was really fast and hard! He was pounding my arse so fast that he let his sperm out in less than one minute!

I then put some cream on my cock and shoved it up and went nice and slow in out in and out! Taking time and after a nice 5 minutes I produced took my cock out and went into a 69 to suck each other! We decided to go slow and after a nice 30-minute we both shot at the same time!
We then decided to rim each other something that he has done but not had done to him and he loved it I cleaned his arse and love the whole 10 minutes of it! My friend went next and he gave up after 5 minutes! But it was a really good 5 minutes!
We both needed a wee and poo but decided to do it on each other which was fun, to clean up we both had a shower and soaped each other! When were clean we went to my bed and did each other up the arsehole again and we started to suck each other in my bed!
I woke the next day and my friends were around and they saw us to naked and said see you too had a good night! And there saw both off us naked in my bed! They said are you getting ready for the game! We got ready and in the changing rooms we both watched all the other men! Getting changed!

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